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You can now join renowned wildlife photographer Michelle Valberg and esteemed filmmaker Joel Haslam on a wildlife expedition from the comfort of your home.


Together, they will take you on a unique and powerful

behind-the-scenes, storytelling, and learning adventure! 

THINK TANK Coastal wolf by Michelle Valberg signature DSC_0165 copy by Michelle
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From the wild west coast of Vancouver Island to Sharbot Lake -

Michelle reveals her wildlife photography techniques in her first-ever online photography course with the Journal of Wildlife Photography


This is what people are saying about Michelle's course:


Michelle and Joel brought wildlife photography and expeditions into my home where I could fully immerse myself in the stories and experiences. The videos provided me with a sense of being on the expedition as I could feel the anticipation and excitement in their voices as the sometimes elusive wildlife appeared and the amazing scenes unfolded in front of their eyes. I learned about how to better capture the emotion and precious moments by leveraging my camera’s full capability. I could also understand how the same concepts apply to my art in terms of composition, and the use of background, light, and lines. I look forward to more in-person and on-line adventures with Michelle and experiencing wildlife through her lens. I highly recommend to anyone wanting to improve their wildlife photography!.

Leslie Cavaliere

Michelle’s course is the perfect blend of learning and inspiration. Packed with plenty of instruction that focuses not only on “how to” but also “what’s it like to be a wildlife photographer.” She share insights on how to prepare for your time in the field as well as how to create impactful images and video while showcasing her beautiful images to inspire you. This course is like having a mentor guiding you on your journey to become a better photographer.

Freda G.

I don’t usually write reviews, however this course was so good I wanted to share a few thoughts with others.  First this course gives a realistic view of how amazing wildlife photography can be.  Unlike other courses, with this course you feel as if you are on location with Michelle.  The learning comes from not only technical information provided, but from listening and watching Michelle go through her experiences of being in the field.  The gear review, technical information and skills needed to get better with wildlife photography are all here, delivered not as if you are sitting in a lecture hall, but rather as if you were standing at Michelle’s side and learning first hand.  I found this course to be comprehensive and beautifully filmed.  This is how learning should be.

Liz Young

What a wonderful course! Michelle teaches you how to think like a photographer, how to look at a scene and pay close attention to the light and your subject.  Through the delightful BTS clips you learn how to organize for a specific photography trip.  You also learn what can go wrong and the wonders of what can go right with wildlife encounters. 

I’m going to watch the course again! 

THINK TANK Coastal wolf by Michelle Valberg signature DSC_0165 copy by Michelle


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Chance to win a workshop with Michelle Valberg &
Tamara Lackey to Chilko Lake Bear Camp, BC 
on September 6-11, 2024 -
Valued at $8495 USD

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Thousands of dollars in discounts from
photography and travel retailers

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