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Boss the Spirit Bear - world photographic cup gold medalist Michelle Valberg in the Great Bear Rainforest British Columbia Canada - spirit bear kermode bear world famous photographer valberg
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Explore Michelle's Fine Art Collections

Indulge in an enchanting voyage through the mesmerizing realm of nature, captured through the lens of Michelle. Embark on an exploration of her diverse collections, traversing continents to bear witness to extraordinary wildlife and unveiling the hidden splendor of our precious planet. Immerse yourself in the captivating wonders that await you.

Michelle Valberg holding a Canadian Flag in Iqaluit Nunavut with a red boat on the frozen tundra and ocean in Canada's Arctic


Thank you, Michelle, for all the myriad ways you make this world a better place; from Project North to Planet Hope to your exquisite wildlife and landscape photography, you bring light, hope, life, optimism, and love to everything you do. You are both an artist and a humanist.  


When you pour your heart and soul into your work, art and life’s passion, it pays you back a thousand fold. Think about how many thousands of hours she has traveled to the North, practicing and patiently perfecting her techniques and honed her skills to capture that PERFECT SHOT, at the PERFECT MOMENT….. 



Any of us in the arts ultimately shows who we are through our work; you forever reveal yourself to be a being of light, hope, beauty, and love. Your spirit humbles me.

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