Wildlife & Adventure Photographer

Michelle Valberg photo by Lindsey Gibeau
For over 30 years Michelle Valberg has photographed wildlife and landscapes with the intention of regenerating simple beauty into a deeper reflection of humanity.  Michelle’s portrayals of the natural world aim to draw viewers toward inner contemplation, based on the idea that building awareness and educating others through nature photography can inspire people to be better stewards of the natural world. By developing a deeper understanding of the interconnections between people, animals, and the environment, she believes that others can be motivated to take action in their local communities and beyond. Michelle is a Canadian Nikon Ambassador and the first Canadian Geographic Photographer-in-Residence.  She is a fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographic Society and the prestigious Explorer’s Club in NYC. Michelle has self-published 4 books and she has been published in numerous international magazines.


A social media series featuring black and white portraits of people living through the Covid-19 crisis in Ottawa – from health care workers and grocery store cashiers to an undercover cop and a man living on the street, Michelle is documenting living life through a pandemic.



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Michelle is honoured to have her Kermode, polar and black bear images on Canada Post Stamps.

Adventures with Michelle


Cape Churchill in Wapusk National Park

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