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Vast, isolated and challenging, the Canadian Arctic has long drawn adventurers, explorers and stout-hearted voyageurs to its wild expanses. Yet for every person who has experienced its inimitable wonders, walked its ancient terrain and come into contact with the wildlife, there are those who erringly think of it as a sterile, inhospitable wasteland.


With Arctic Kaleidoscope: The People, Wildlife and Ever-Changing Landscape, Michelle Valberg takes that black and white impression of the North and saturates it with sweeping colour, intense texture and vibrant life. Through her photos, taken over 27 trips that spanned the frontier in five years, she has captured the Arctic as it has never before been seen.


Visually stunning images of the people, places and wildlife she has encountered depict the ‘true North’, truly strong, free and as it exists today. Together with commentary that offers insight into her own personal experience, this photographic showcase explores the Arctic from every angle.


Filled with beautifully compelling full page images covering the people, the wildlife and the landscape, Arctic Kaleidoscope brings the grandeur and magnificence of Canada’s North to life.

Arctic Kaleidoscope... The People, Wildlife & Ever-Changing Landscape

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