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Yellowstone 2024


$7,500 USD per person

West Yellowstone


February 9-14, 2024

West Yellowstone National Park, a gem nestled in the wilderness of Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho, is America’s first and most iconic national park. Established in 1872, it covers an expansive 2.2 million acres teeming with geothermal wonders, dense forests, grand canyons, and pristine lakes. Over the decades, it has become a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers, offering unparalleled opportunities to capture the essence of the American wilderness.

The winter months, in particular, cloak Yellowstone in a magical shroud. Imagine vast meadows blanketed in snow, rivers steaming in the cold due to thermal activity, geysers like Old Faithful shooting water and steam into the frosty air, and an incredible variety of wildlife like bison, wolves, and elk navigating this icy landscape. From the dreamlike Grand Prismatic Spring surrounded by snow to the iconic silhouette of bison against the white landscape, Yellowstone in winter becomes a canvas for unparalleled photography.

This workshop offers you the unique chance to capture the magic, history, and biodiversity of this UNESCO World Heritage site, guided by some of the best in the field.

Meet the Masters

Passionate. Creative. Experienced.

The success of a photography workshop is often determined by the expertise and passion of its mentors. We are proud to present a lineup of world-renowned photographers and seasoned instructors who have not only conquered the global stage with their breathtaking captures but are also dedicated to sharing their wealth of knowledge with budding talents. Their diverse experiences, ranging from documenting endangered wildlife to capturing extreme weather events, provide a rich learning platform for our workshop attendees. Meet the masters who will be your guiding lights in this incredible journey through the picturesque terrains of West Yellowstone:

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Just when my life of photography was resorting to cell phone point-and-shoot, my vision was enriched through the professional guidance and creative knowledge shared by you all. The winter photography tour in Yellowstone Park with you, using state of the art equipment, broadened my technical skills, enhanced my ability to see not just look, gathered valuable perspectives from each person in our group and renewed my life-long love of photography. Thank you. 


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