Virtual Speaking Events & Workshops with Michelle

Focusing-in on Wild Creatures in the Arctic and Beyond


Michelle constantly pushes her boundaries whether she is up close and personal with bears, swimming in the Arctic Ocean with narwhal or kayaking near her home with lake critters, This awe-inspiring workshop will showcase some behind-the-scenes action from in the field of a working wildlife photographer – discussing equipment, strategies and destinations.

Creating Emotional Impact with Wildlife Photography 


Michelle believes nature reflects what we see in ourselves: our beauty, our simplicity, our complexity.  In this workshop, Michelle will teach us how she creates empathy and emotion with her wildlife imagery, as well, she will dig deep into technical aspects of photographing in the wild.

Photography and Philanthropy – Sharing Your Creative Spirit


This presentation will provide participants with an in-depth look at how philanthropy serves to stoke the fire of your creative spirit. Michelle will discuss the benefits and challenges of giving back. How do you choose what you do? How do you set yourself up for success?  Using examples from her altruistic endeavors, Michelle will share how giving back has illuminated her world and inspire others to do the same.

Look Beyond: Elevate Your Vision and Intention with Local Storytelling
With Michelle Valberg & Kristi Odom

Every Wednesday from May 12 – June 16, 2021

We are all capable of telling an interesting story through photography, and Michelle Valberg and Kristi Odom have spent decades doing exactly that. As wildlife photographers and Nikon Ambassadors, they are uniquely qualified to assist you in creating a visual story through exploring local parks, forests, lakes, creeks, and rivers—or your own backyard.

Spring is an extraordinary time to document new beginnings, and over six weeks you develop a narrative theme centered on a particular subject in a place of your choice. Whether you focus on migrating birds, a nearby waterway, a favorite tree, or the sky, you deepen your connection to your subject by looking beyond the photograph to the experience, the environment, and the inspiration.

By offering technical advice and expert guidance, Michelle and Kristi help participants combine our unique visions with creative expression, urging us to focus on the art of observation and the discovery that comes when we transcend what we see on the surface.

You come away with a deeply personal visual story that could be published in a local newspaper, pitched to a magazine, or possibly even entered into a competition. As you push your artistic boundaries, you discover that your next great photograph is waiting just outside your comfort zone, yet paradoxically close to home.




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