As a visual storyteller, I felt compelled to see my city amidst the pandemic. History was unfolding.  When I saw the desolate streets, I was overwhelmed by the eerie feeling of emptiness.  All the closed businesses, the hustle and bustle of everyday life was gone, the stark reality unfolded before my eyes.  I ran into my friend, Mandy Gosewich in the Byward Market.  We stood outside her store and shared a raw, tearful and heartfelt conversation about what we were experiencing.  We spoke about our fear – what would the future look like?.  We discussed the love of our work, missing our clients. Our lives as we knew, were gone. What would this mean for our city, our country?  After sharing my encounter with Mandy with my husband, I asked if I could document how firefighters go to a medical call (Scott is a fire chief).  They are saving the N95 masks for the hospitals so they use their SCBAs to respond. This photo of Sarah, the firefighter, was transformational.  I knew it was the beginning of something bigger, something special… I had to continue.  Planet Hope was born. I have photographed people from all walks of life and posted on social media platforms every day since April 22nd.  I have photographed everyone in B&W – as I see us living in a B&W world right now – full of dark shadows, bright highlights and many grey zones.  We are in this together however, we are living through Covid-19 very differently. The people and their stories are compelling and  I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities I have had throughout this journey of discovery.

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