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Herring Spawn 2024


Starting at $7,495 CAD

Vancouver Island, Canada


March 2-8, 2024

Every year, the West Coast witnesses an awe-inspiring event – the herring run. This ritual sees herring fish, driven by nature’s call, embark on a perilous journey from the vast ocean to the serene freshwater streams and rivers to spawn. As spring caresses the waters, warming them, vast swathes of herring make their move.


Their voyage, sometimes stretching to hundreds of miles, is fraught with challenges. Fast currents, lurking predators, and the sheer length of their journey test the endurance and determination of the herring. But the spectacle they create, silvery bodies moving upstream in unison, is mesmerizing.


But it's not just about the journey; the herring run plays a pivotal role in the coastal ecosystem. As they navigate their way, they provide sustenance to a variety of fauna, from birds, coastal wolves, and bears to grey whales, otters, and larger predatory fish. The spawn, rich in nutrients, boosts the vitality of the aquatic ecosystem.


Furthermore, this run transcends nature and touches the human realm. For thousands of years, indigenous communities have revered this event. The herring isn’t just a source of nourishment; it's a testament to their traditions, playing a role in their food and medicinal practices. This majestic migration, thus, isn’t just a natural phenomenon; it’s an emblem of life, endurance, and tradition on the West Coast.

March 1st

Guests arrive in Campbell River and check into the Comfort Inn for an overnight stay.

March 2nd

- Departure from Campbell River.

Arrival in Zeballos.

Set sail from Zeballos.

Reach cabin. After a swift check-in and orientation, guests will have lunch, then venture out for wildlife observation. Dinner will be served at the cabin in the evening.

March 3rd-8th

We aim to enhance the possibility of wolf sightings by starting our day early. Breakfast is served at 6:00 am, followed by embarking on wildlife expeditions either on a boat or from the shoreline, based on weather conditions and sighting opportunities.Full-day excursions are planned with packed lunches to ensure maximum exposure to wildlife. On days with inclement weather, we might return to the cabin for a brief rest and lunch. Evenings will consist of delectable meals at the cabin and time to unwind.​

March 9th

Depart from the cabin towards Zeballos. Anticipated arrival in Campbell River is between 12 pm and 1 pm, subject to weather conditions.

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