Landscape – “Hong Kong”

 When the question was asked – Would you like to go to photograph Hong Kong for a week for PhotoNews and Hong Kong Tourism? – I immediately thought “dream job”.  I was told I would be on assignment with Kristian Bogner, a fellow Canadian Nikon Ambassador and Michael Defreitas, a travel writer/photographer and the editor of the magazine Jacques Dumont.  Clearly my answer was YES.
Over the many years, I have traveled 7 continents, but never to Hong Kong.  I was excited to photograph for tourism and create compelling photographs.  Eyes wide open as they say.  A fresh new look at a fascinating city. 
We didn’t have blue skies which often times you think you need for tourism type imagery.  This is where I had to shift my mind’s eye and be really creative with rain and fog.  I primarily focused on colour, lines, patterns and textures.


Click on a gallery below to view some of Hong Kong’s stunning landscapes.

Hong Kong Landscape Gallery

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